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Shoe and apparel recommendations for all SUBSISTENCE students and faculty.

If you have questions about what to purchase for your education track

want more information about specific items (even things not listed below), message us! Email 

We're happy to help!

Visit our store to purchase attire.

Tap shoes

Tap Shoe Rec 1.webp

BLOCH: Adult "Respect" Lace Up Tap Shoes

  • Great tap shoe to start with once your feet stop growing. They will last a long time for recreational practice and rehearsal

Tap Shoe Rec 2.webp

BLOCH: Womens "Jason Samuel Smith" Lace Up Tap Shoes

  • Tap shoe for a more serious and experienced tap dancer. Great for going to college with tap classes or if you are just wanting to explore tap more!

Tap Shoe Rec 3.webp

BLOCH: Womens "Chloe and Maud" Leather Tap Shoes

  • Tap shoe for someone who enjoys tap and wants something slightly more quality than the "Respect" Tap shoe.

  • Not as high quality as the "Jason Samuel Smiths"

Tap Shoe Rec 4.webp

Capezio: Adult "Manhattan Xtreme" 2.5" Heel Tap Shoes

  • Standard character tap shoe. A great start to tapping with a heel.

Tap Shoe Rec 5.jpg

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

  • A great tap shoe for an experienced tap dancer who wants a customized shoe!

  • Check out their website for more information on the history of Miller & Ben and how to get your perfect shoe!

Character Shoes

Character Shoe Rec.webp

BLOCH: Womens Splitflex 2.5" Heel Character Shoes

  • A great start to character shoes. 

  • Come in black and tan - as a Musical Theatre student, it is recommended to have both a black and tan character shoe (the "tan" hopefully matching your skin tone). But don't go buying two pairs of the same shoes before you know if you love them or not!

Character Shoe Rec 2.webp

SO DANCA: Womens ''Roxy'' 3" T-Strap Character Shoes

  • Another great character shoe with a more intricate strap.

  • Great for a dancer who's experienced in dancing with character shoes. The 3 inch heel will provide a new and exciting challenge!

  • Come in black and caramel

Character Shoe Rec 3.webp

CAPEZIO: Womens "Charlotte" 2.5" T-Strap Character Shoes

  • Another good starter shoe to the world of character heels.

Character SHoe Rec 4.webp

LaDuca Dance Shoes

  • For the very experienced dancer who has stopped growing, here are the character heels for you!

  • LaDucas come in a more inclusive color range!

  • If you are looking into purchasing LaDucas, email us at to figure out which style would be best for you!

Character Shoe Rec 5.jpg

CAPEZIO: K360 - Character Oxford Shoe

  • Great quality flat character shoe. 

  • A great shoe for experienced dancers who play male-presenting roles!

  • *Available on Amazon as well as the Capezio website which are both linked below!

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