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Meet Noah!


Noah Rice has worked professionally in entertainment for 15+ years, with credits including Holland America Cruise Line, Walt Disney Entertainment and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, among others. 


Noah holds a BM in Commercial Voice Performance from Belmont University and is a fully-certified instructor in Somatic Voicework™ the LoVetri Method.  This methodology follows years of scientific study in vocology and is recognized internationally by leading otolaryngologists, speech language pathologists and voice instructors.  


Noah's extensive experience as a studio singer, stage performer and music director allow him to offer personalized performance coaching and audition prep, as well as intensive voicework for singers of all experience levels.   His clients run the gamut from middle and high school singers to seasoned professionals to older adult beginners.


“I believe in equipping all singers with the knowledge they need to build a functional voice.  All singers should have a working knowledge of how the lungs, vocal folds and their surrounding muscles function.  When students understand the physiology of what's happening in their throat, it eliminates the need for abstract, unhelpful language like "sing from your diaphragm!"

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