We are a dance focused studio that also provides education and instruction in voice and acting. Having worked with students of all ages for over 10 years in dance, and as a former student performer herself, owner Tosha Marie wanted to offer outside instruction in dance for performing arts students who want to potentially pursue a career beyond high school. 


In traditional dance studios there are annual recitals and competitions that are the main focus for the students. In the subsistence program we are encouraging our students to perform outside of the studio, therefore,we are able to provide technique based training without the pressure of an added mandatory performance that might conflict with other productions. When a student misses class for rehearsal, they have the opportunity to make it up, with out feeling like they are missing important choreography or letting down their classmates or instructors. We have individual class options as well as training avenues. Basically, we can create a supplemental dance program to suit each student’s needs. Class times vary between immediately after school, to early evening to accommodate rehearsal schedules. We also offer multiple levels to make sure every student feels comfortable dancing with people who are on their same playing field.


All students will have the option of participating in our annual showcase. The showcase will take place towards the end of the season and will feature dances choreographed by both our Core and Guest Instructors. The showcase will be a performance for family and friends, as well as invited guests of TMProductions including casting agents, directors, and representatives of colleges and universities. If you are not part of Subsistence there will be an additional fee in order to participate that will cover instructor and choreography fees.