Meet Thea Jones

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Managing DIrector


Thea is a professionally trained concert dancer and performance artist, educator, consultant, and international cultural arts collaborator. She was put into dance classes as a young child and continued to train and perform until she graduated high school from Hume Fogg. 

She earned her BFA in Dance from Howard University in 2005 and while there, she studied with and performed the works of Hope Boykin, Louis Johnson, Debbie Blunden-Diggs, Christopher Huggins, Mickey Davidson, and Kevin Iega Jeff. She enjoyed a successful contemporary dance career in New York City from 2005 to 2014, dancing with Rod Rodgers Dance Company, Mirashayama Traditional Lindy Hop/Aerial Swing Company, and Def Dance Jam Workshop. She also performed as a soloist with Kayoko Sakoh Dance Company in Kagoshima, Japan, and as a guest ensemble member of Nommo Contemporary Dance Company in partnership with the American Dance Guild’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. She discovered during this time that she greatly enjoys working with organizations and creating performance art that tell stories, explore questions, draw from different perspectives, and shine a light on cultural interconnected-ness.

In 2015, she transitioned back home to Nashville and almost immediately fell into the communal arms of wonderfully creative people like Ellen Gilbert, Shabaz Ujima, Gabrielle Saliba, Windship Boyd, Heather Britt, Nick Mullikin and so many more. 

In January 2019, she founded Skylark Creative Alliance: A Collaborative Artists Association and Consultancy with the goal of creating an international alliance of creatives who inspire, connect, empower and influence positive community change through meaningful multi-disciplinary collaborations. She received a fiscal sponsorship along with the support of the US Embassy in Tanzania and founded the project: Intimate.See: An Interdisciplinary Women’s Project.

Thea excels in arranging people and ideas and cultivating relationships. She is resourceful and flexible in her thought processes and naturally aim to find intersections and commonalities between people, points of view, ideas, and purposes. She is convinced that we have so much more in common than we recognize and she loves discovering those nuances. She wishes to make a positive impact in all that she does.

Managing Director

More information on Thea's role in Subsistence coming soon!